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Yuliya Gulmi
1 Min Read

Dear All, I am excited to share with you that I offer new consults at Ha.Le — please, see below. You are invited to sign up through Ha.Le, and if you prefer private coaching, please, contact me directly. Please, share this with your family and…

Yuliya Gulmi
17 Min Read

Cyndi Clark (CC): Today, Yuliya and I are talking about qigong and freediving, which is a new interest of hers that I think is really fascinating. We know that qigong practice improves athletic performance. Now and then stories pop up about well-known athletes doing qigong….

Yuliya Gulmi
2 Min Read

I’d like to share with you this video.  My teacher, Dr. J. Michael Wood, DMQ, is speaking about breathing during one of the classes.  In this first part, J. Michael explains the mechanics of the sympathetic and parasympathetic breathing.  Proper breathing is one of the building blocks…

Yuliya Gulmi
3 Min Read

I hope this finds you at home healthy and in good spirit given the pandemic situation.  Some of us may have gone through various stages of emotional destress experiencing shock, anger, sadness, depression, despair, and dissociation.  Others may have found a way to stay positive…