Open the Door, Remove the Thief” protocol for emotional release

In Part 3 video, Dr. J. Michael Wood, DMQ, introduces the “Open the Door, Remove the Thief” technique.  You will learn how to use the “Song Kong Tong Bing Chuan Yu” mantra (Mandarin) that creates vibrations to release what no longer serves – the toxic/pathogenic/negative emotions.  As we go through our experiences, we create memories, and not all of them are joyful.  Surely, we want to keep the wisdom from the experiences, but let go of the traumatic toxic aspects.  Dr. Wood explains how memories are created, and how they resonate in response to stressful stimuli – sympathetic harmonic resonance.  Are you ready to go through your emotional accumulations, and keep the wisdom, but release the trauma?  This is an invitation to find more joy and begin to fully experience your ocean of Light.  You will learn how to “Open the Door” to your consciousness and “Remove the Thief” of your happiness.