I’d like to share with you this video.  My teacher, Dr. J. Michael Wood, DMQ, is speaking about breathing during one of the classes.  In this first part, J. Michael explains the mechanics of the sympathetic and parasympathetic breathing.  Proper breathing is one of the building blocks of the qigong practice.  After watching this video you should be able to reflect on how you breathe.  What are your breathing habits?

In Part 2 video, you will try to breathe with Dr. J. Michael Wood, DMQ.  This is a practical section.  You will stand up, and Dr. Wood will guide you into diagnosing your breathing pattern and begin to breathe using diaphragm.  He is teaching how to breathe into the Earth and achieve the parasympathetic state, which is a prerequisite to all healing.  He explains the bicycle pump analogy for breathing, which I find helpful and use it all the time with my students.  Learn to breathe properly and uncover a healer within you.  Can you breathe into the Earth?  Are you able to use breath to get out of the mind and to connect with the center of the Earth?

“Open the Door, Remove the Thief” protocol for emotional release
In Part 3 video, Dr. J. Michael Wood, DMQ, introduces the “Open the Door, Remove the Thief” technique.  You will learn how to use the “Song Kong Tong Bing Chuan Yu” mantra (Mandarin) that creates vibrations to release what no longer serves – the toxic/pathogenic/negative emotions.  As we go through our experiences, we create memories, and not all of them are joyful.  Surely, we want to keep the wisdom from the experiences, but let go of the traumatic toxic aspects.  Dr. Wood explains how memories are created, and how they resonate in response to stressful stimuli – sympathetic harmonic resonance.  Are you ready to go through your emotional accumulations, and keep the wisdom, but release the trauma?  This is an invitation to find more joy and begin to fully experience your ocean of Light.  You will learn how to “Open the Door” to your consciousness and “Remove the Thief” of your happiness.

Purging, tonifying, and regulating the body with “Open the Door, Remove the Thief” and The Five Element System 
In Part 4 video, Dr. J. Michael Wood, DMQ, introduces the Five Elements System that is the foundation of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, and teaches how to use the “Song Kong Tong Bing Chuan Yu” mantra (see Part 3), while stimulating the the elemental energies on your fingers.  He describes how the Yin and Yang energies travel through the human body, and how the five elements manifest in our bodies.  You will learn how to tap your fingers while chanting the mantra to purge, tonify, and regulate your organs, using the five-element approach.  Are you ready to befriend the elements?  They will certainly serve you right once you learn how to work them and balance them in your body.

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