I am happy to share with you a conversation with Sarah Cherry, a Doctor of Medical Qigong (DMQ, China) and a Daoist spiritual teacher.  My colleague, Cyndi Clark (MMQ), and I were fortunate to ask Sarah about her perspective for the remainder of 2020 from the Feng Shui point of view, reflecting on the challenging events of this year so far.  Sarah shares some interesting explanations on how to practice qigong, while incorporating the care for other people and our community, as opposed to solely focusing on self-cultivation.  There are some suggestions on how to work on forgiveness, which is an important component of energetic practices, as well as on how to maintain your basic self-care and keep your balance in the environment of limited social interaction.  We also discussed the value of remote qigong treatments, that are effective regardless of the distance between the practitioner and the recipient.  This is an important piece of information, given the current circumstances of relative isolation.  As you will see, Sarah explains complex concepts in a very simple way, inspiring us to do some work for the self and for the greater good of all.

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