Qigong has become a staple ingredient in my self care recipe. Once you come to the understanding that we are all energy and it is up to us how we channel it, why wouldn’t you want help from someone to help sort it out?  Get rid of the negative energy, thoughts and baggage.  Dissolve the bad, make more space for the good.  Each time I have left an appointment with Yuliya, I have felt lighter and more focused with a positive outlook on the road in front of me.  Yuliya is a brilliant and tenacious practitioner and I cannot recommend her more highly. You will be in excellent hands. 

Tory Fitzgibbon

Yuliya’s practice has been life-changing!
Yuliya Gulmi is extraordinary at her many crafts. As a qigong instructor she is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable. The process doesn’t necessarily call upon one to verbalize the issues that one wants to be rid of; however, Yuliya is comfortable to confide in and discreet. Her extensive knowledge of nutrition dovetails with the qi gong to create a whole-body whole-spirit cleanse and path to wellness. Her work on my family has been life-changing.  

Carolyn Bryant

I have been blessed to have worked with such an amazing qigong practitioner.  Yuliya is professional, conscientious, and intuitive!  She was able to tell me things about my body and emotional state that were spot on.  I highly recommend working with her.  She brings such insight into everything she does. I really look forward to working with Yuliya in the future!

Holly Settle