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The Way Of Qigong at USN Evening Classes on 2/7/2019 in Nashville.

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Qigong, translated from Chinese as “energy skill,” is a system of knowledge and practice that focuses on energy flows and transformations. More than 5,000 years old, it has medical, martial and spiritual applications. Medical Qigong focuses on healing our physical and energy bodies, resulting in better health physically and emotionally. USN parent and certified practitioner YULIYA GULMI will provide background information on Qigong, basic Qigong principles, and guidelines for practice and cultivation. Students will be invited to 1) practice proper breathing mechanics, 2) learn proper posture for Qigong practice, 3) explore basic purging methods, 4) learn a grounding meditation, 5) perform healing Qigong exercises, and 6) perform an ancient Shaolin technique for releasing toxic energy.

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