During the session with a Qigong Practitioner, you will experience a Medical Qigong Qi Emission Therapy where you will lie comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed, and without shoes. QIgong Practitioner will energetically connect with you, and perform a protocol of cleansing and tonifying internal organs as well as balancing the energy within your body. From this, you will experience deep relaxation and energetic rejuvenation.

In addition, you and the Practitioner will address any specific issues that are of a concern to you or may become evident during the session. The treatment may also include protocols for releasing toxic energies or seasonal practices.

You may receive suggestions for independent work and learn components of Qigong practice that are of interest to you, for example, breathing and relaxation techniques, focusing and guiding intention, specific Qigong exercises, making energetic observations, performing energetic cleanse, sensing and cultivating energy, among others.

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