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Happy 2019!

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Happy 2019!

If you enjoy festivities, here is a date to celebrate – Chinese New Year.  In 2019, it is on February 5th.  On February 4th, the New Year’s Eve, I will cook and serve a nice dinner, and will have the fresh Feng Shui arrangements done.  My dear friend, Paula Peace with, a gifted expert, has been working on my house with Feng Shui for years.  Me and my family have grown to love to collect the Feng Shui items around the house, clean them, recharge them, and rearrange them with Paula, and feel the energy shifting as the process unfolds.

The Chinese New Year gift exchange is very symbolic yet invaluable: it is unconditional well wishing to your loved ones and to all humans.  This serves personal good as well as the greater collective good.  I like the traditional idea of a card and small tokens placed in a red envelope: write or depict what you wish to the recipient and throw is some coins.  Besides the red envelope, the truly priceless gift that you can give is to activate the energies that will propel those wonderful wishes into coming true, unconditionally and without attachment.  The simplest way to do this is to make this effort a part of your meditations, mantras, visualizations, prayers, planning, thinking, doing, etc.  The Universe knows not only your actions, but it hears your words, and it knows your thoughts, remember?  Having done so for years now, not just for celebrations of new years and birthdays, but as my regular Qigong practice, I know you can make the difference, and sometimes, all the difference.

This year, I was especially blessed: my amazing Qigong and Daoism teacher and mentor, Sarah Cherry with, led a Daoist Ceremony blessing the New Year.  The Ceremony was beautiful and transforming.  I have observed the gradual overall energy build up and shift, which still continues to ripple through.  I also witnessed immediate, instant energy effects during the Ceremony, as Sarah recited and chanted, bringing to life the ancient Daoist traditions and enveloping us and the room with subtle yet powerful manifestations.  I felt bordering the magic.

I have noticed how every person who was in the room effortlessly fell into the space that was not constrained by time and location and joyfully indulged in peace and bliss.  In a way, each person in the room contributed: every thought and vibration, and those were only positive, were floating in synergy.  Before Sarah began the Ceremony, we shared aloud one wish for the world that we would like to come true this year.  In retrospect, I see how these were not just words – each one is a part of a mighty intention that will continue to energetically transform into physical vibrations that will make a change and reshape our reality.  This is a perfect moment to reiterate my favorite quote by Albert Einstein: “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

This was a wonderful experience.  Most certainly, the Ceremony was a milestone event, and it is meant to create a significant impact.  The beautiful truth is that when we meditate or engage in any spiritual activity, each one of us can create a transformation on a smaller scale.  And this is good news – it is enabling and empowering.  This is where one starts, learns, and makes it bigger.  Will you try?

I would like to finish with unconditional well wishing to all everywhere and with a special “treat.”  My one wish for the world in 2019, that I vocalized during the Ceremony and would like to repeat here, is a wish for every human to experience true satisfaction and true joy.  That is, of course, in addition to health, safety, peace, love and prosperity.  The link below will take you to the “treat” – Sarah’s article on the New 2019th Year, the Year of the Yin Earth Pig: click HERE to read the article.

Happy New Year!


Yuliya Gulmi

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