Dear All,

We will remember the challenges of spring 2020.  Hopefully, we will use what weโ€™ve learned during these long months of quarantine and isolation. 

Iโ€™d like to share with you the conversations that my friend and colleague Cyndi Clark and I recorded recently, while staying at home during the outbreak of the pandemic.  Below you will find our six videos with some sincere discussions.

We talk about how one can start practicing qigong, and make it fit anyoneโ€™s lifestyle.  We are reflecting on our experiences with qigong, highlighting on how invaluable this knowledge and method are in todayโ€™s situation, when we are urgently noticing that a lot of the responsibility for and control of our health and wellness is in our hands.  Disease prevention, immunity strengthening, vitality, nutrition, fitness, energy levels, emotional balance, mental health, stress management, among others, are the hot topics.  Qigong offers us time-tested tools in all of these regards. 

Cyndi and I are happy to share our thoughts with you, hoping that this information is helpful.  As always, please, reach out, if you have questions or would like some guidance.

Stay well,

Yuliya Gulmi

Qigong during quarantine. How to get started with qigong.
Qigong during cold, flu, and allergy season.
Qigong and emotional healing. Some personal pandemic lessons and silver linings and how qigong can help. Sources of qi.
Qigong perspective on coping with isolation and self-discovery.
Personal and family qigong as well as a broader picture of holding the space for benevolent energy for all.

Closing ideas and a single qigong exercise for boosting immunity.